An Individualized Cognitive Therapy Program

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Individualized Cognitive Therapy

Care Coordination

Strategic thinking or executive function is the single most important cognitive skill required to live and thrive in the home. The unfortunate truth is that the administrative skills required for critical activities of daily living, such as scheduling doctor visits, filling and taking medications and managing one’s finances and driving can decline with aging. We offer needs assessment consultation where you and family can share concerns, as well as ideas and resources in developing a personal care plan.

Community Networking

Anxiety is frequently associated with not knowing what services are available, how much they will cost and how to put them in place. We can provide options for transportation, medication management, low vision and personal care aides to allow you to make informed life choices. Rest easy, with some gentle encouragement, we'll ensure that a plan is set up, is working well and can always be adjusted as needed.

Brain Wellness

The benefits of engaging in brain wellness activities, such as exercise, good nutrition, socialization, computerized cognitive training and meditation can stimulate the growth of new brain cells as well as offset neurodegenerative changes associated with advanced aging and neurological disease. Let us teach you how to develop a brain health lifestyle, improve functional independence and emotional wellbeing.

Practical Life Management Strategies

Mise-en-place, or "put in place", is a way of living life that emphasizes focusing your attention on the moment, ridding yourself of distractions and organizing your life to achieve one specific goal at a time. It is determining what brings you the most joy and putting that front and center in your life, learning or relearning the wisdom in slowing down in order to achieve a better outcome and scheduling less to achieve more.

Communal Memory Tools

Our experience is that a home based program that includes family members and personal care aides will ensure situation specific learning and better outcome. We provide communal instruction and set up of practical memory tools such as a white board calendar for appointments, bulletin boards with posted daily routines and personalized memory books with communication memos. Rather than relying on others to provide us with information, which we believe is ineffective and short lived, we strive to make available the right systems and tools, knowing that this information can be very empowering, building autonomy and self-esteem.


“Even though the dementia is progressive, Dr. Lauren’s program gave us direction and hope, to help my mom age with dignity and to be independent as long as possible”