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The mission of Rocky Mountain Memory Center is to provide exceptional diagnostic assessment and rehabilitation services for cognitive weakness, memory loss and related behavioral changes. Our goal is to maximize one’s independence and quality of life at every stage of the aging process by providing education on successful aging, community referral and support to the patient and family.

RMMC offers comprehensive neurodiagnostic assessment and exacting differential diagnosis for cognitive disorders associated with aging and adult neurological diseases. We will work closely with your referring physician or neurologist to assess for potential medical problems that can contribute to cognitive changes and review current medications, lab work, sleep studies and brain neuroimaging for optimal interpretation of neuropsychological results.

Our Specialties

Early Identification and Monitoring of Cognitive Change


Acute Confusional States, Age Associated Memory Impairment and Mild Cognitive Impairment


Neurodegenerative Disorders: Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body disease, Frontotemporal Lobe dementia, Primary Progressive Aphasia and Parkinson's disease


Cerebrovascular Disease, TIA, stroke, Vascular Impariment, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy and mixed dementia


Inflammatory disorders such as MS and autoimmune disease


Meet the Team

Kathleen Lauren Ed.D Clinical Neuropshchologist, Clinic Director with her dog Aiden in Fort Collins Colorado
Kathleen Lauren Ed.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Clinic Director
Aiden the dog in Kayak smiling
Aiden the Dog

Kathleen Lauren Ed.D.

Dr. Kathleen Lauren arrived in Fort Collins in 1993 after receiving her doctorate in School Psychology from the University of Georgia. For the next 3 years she worked with Rocky Mountain Neuropsychological Sciences where she assumed the position of Director of Neuropsychological Services at Mountain Crest Hospital. Her passion has always been working with adults and older adults with Dr. Lauren having had the opportunity to work with many local geriatric psychiatrists, neurologists and internists over the years as well as various neurorehabilitation centers before opening Rocky Mountain Memory Center in 2012.

The overarching goal expressed by patients over the last 20 years has been to remain independent, living in their home and enjoying a high-quality life.  The book, “Aging Grace and What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Leading Longer, Healthier and More Meaningful Lives” was literally a game changer for her and propelled Dr. Lauren to open RMMC .

Dr. Lauren has developed her own educational manuals and cognitive rehabilitation program to encourage her patients at Rocky Mountain Memory Center to take full advantage of the benefits of neuroplasticity, neurogenesis or the growth of new brain cells and brain reserve. Engaging in brain wellness activities and close monitoring of lifestyle habits that can result in brain inflammation, can provide the roadmap for reducing factors associated with advanced aging.

A brain health lifestyle includes aerobic exercise and strength training, combined with stretching, balance and flexibility as well as mental stimulation and computerized cognitive training. Maintaining a healthy brain also requires periods of mental restoration associated with sleep hygiene, mindfulness and meditation. Finally, a balanced approach to brain health should include the The Mind Diet along with a rich social network and meaningful daily activities.

Dr. Lauren would like to thank her patients over the years who have graciously shared their insights and experiences on the aging process. She enjoys the outdoors with her canine companions who are showing her first hand about finding new ways to adapt to aging while enjoying life in beautiful Colorado.

Kristin Fields MA, CCC-SLP, RN, MSN Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Therapist
Kristin Fields MA, CCC-SLP, RN, MSN
Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Therapist

Kristin Fields MA, CCC-SLP, RN, MSN

Kristin Fields is a Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (NCR) therapist, focusing on strategies and tools to help create and maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle. Kristin has a Master’s degree in Nursing, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. Her areas of specialty are: nursing, including psychiatric, homecare, and hospice care, geriatric care, including treatment of disorders in swallow, voice and cognition.

Away from work, Kristin enjoys music, travel, languages, yoga and cooking. She and her husband have three grown adventurous daughters, as well as two dogs, a cat and a desert tortoise.

Jessica Mady LCSW Mindfulness and Neurocognitive Therapist Rocky Mountain Memory Center Fort Collins Colorado
Jessica Mady LCSW
Mindfulness & Neurocognitive Therapist

Jessica Mady LCSW

Jessica Mady grew up in Fort Collins. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and International Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango. Jessica attained her Master of Social Work at University of California, Los Angeles. She has been serving older adults and their families since 2001. Jessica enjoys traveling, spending time in the mountains and outdoor activities.

Kate Fens MBA Medical Office Administrator Rocky Mountain Memory Center Fort Collins Colorado
Kate Fens MBA
Medical Office Administrator

Kate Fens MBA

Kate Fens is the Medical Office Administrator for RMMC, it is her goal to provide the best service to clients, assisting them in maintaining their sense of well-being and comfort working with RMMC. Kate holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Pre-Law, with a Master’s in Business Administration. This combination allows her to assist Dr. Lauren in administration of RMMC.

Kate is a traveler, starting from a young age, she was born in Belgium, moved to the States at age two, she has been on the go ever since. Kate has enjoyed working with mature individuals over the past 10 years, and showing them that with maturity comes wisdom. Her move to RMMC is a continuation in her journey to help people understand themselves and the cognitive changes that can occur with age. Outside of work, Kate enjoys being with her two children, husband, and dogs, and loves to learn about different cultures and people.

Neuropsychological Testing Technician
Shiho Kelleher Ed.S, NCSP
Neuropsychological Testing Technician

Shiho Kelleher Ed.S, NCSP

Shiho Charlene Kelleher is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.  She currently works as a School Psychologist and as a Neuropsychological Testing Technician.  She loves getting to know the patients at Rocky Mountain Memory Center, and hearing about their lives. She strives to make everyone she works with feel comfortable and welcome, and to make the testing interesting and fun. In her free time, Shiho enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Natalie Johnson MA Neuropsychological Testing Technician Rocky Mountain Memory Center Fort Collins Colorado
Natalie Johnson MA
Neuropsychological Testing Technician

Natalie Johnson MA

Natalie Johnson is a graduate student in the doctoral School Psychology program at the University of Northern Colorado, after having received a Master’s degree in Psychology. She has been working in elementary and middle schools in Boulder and Fort Collins for the past two years, and has recently begun work as a Neuropsychological Testing Technician at Rocky Mountain Memory Center. Natalie is very excited to work with and learn from the wonderful patients at RMMC, striving to help them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the assessment process. On Natalie’s days off, she enjoys getting to the mountains to hike and snowboard, along with spending time with her close friends, family, and her three-year-old pup.


  “Each professional at RMMC has been thorough, compassionate, and helpful. Follow through is excellent”.